Low Immunity & Energy

Lets have a look at what the immune does. The immune system protects the body against illness and infection caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites.

It is a collection of reactions and responses that the body makes to any damaged cells or infection.

The immune system works to shield your body by warding off and recovering from these invaders. Managing your stress levels and having regular exercise reinforce and fortify the immune system as does great sleep, hydration and eating a rich diet of varied and balanced foods.

Consuming this well balanced diet and incorporating certain specific foods, herbals, and any vitamins and minerals lacking in our foods will boost the body’s mechanism to help stave of disease-conditions successfully.

The foremost damaging force that our immune system has battle with is free radicals. Free radicals impair healthy cells of the body by setting off mutation which can trigger cardiac diseases and even cancer.

Low Immunity Symptoms

The most common manifesting signs and symptoms of an impaired or inadequately working immune system are:

  • Chronic and frequent infections 
  • Fungal and bacterial infections, allergic reactions to almost anything 
  • Benign growths in the body 
  • Suffering from a recurrent infection is a vital sign that you have a weak immune system, since the body fails to recognise this recurring infection and stop it effectively
  • Constant fatigue, tiredness, and lethargy indicate a low immunity
  • Insomnia, depression, and dark circles under the eyes also signify that you may be suffering from a weakened immune system.
Causes of a Weakened Immune System

To the right are the body parts and functional aspects of the body responsible for supporting the immune system.

Stress, emotional upheaval, lifestyle irregularities, poor dietary habits, poor sleep patterns, lack of hydration, exposure to electro magnetic frequencies and an inadequate nutritional intake have a grave impact on the immune mechanism. 

A number of conditions can result in a devitalised body and an insufficiently functioning immune system.

  • Nutrient insufficiency
  • Taking medications
  • HIV infection
  • Cancer
  • Transplant surgery
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Low WBC count (Neutropenia)
  • Using anti-rejection drugs
  • Advancing age

Low Immunity Causes:
Have you found yourself with a low immunity? If you have found yourself with a weakened immunity, you may begin to wonder why this is happening.

Weak immune systems are often a product of years of neglect to the body.
Your body has a naturally strong immune system that is programmed to fight off disease, but when the body is deprived of the proper nutrients it needs to help keep it running smoothly, a deficiency builds up. Lack of proper nutrition, lack of rest, and abusive use of your body will lower your immunity because of the lack of the fuel that your body needs to keep running properly.

Medical procedures may also weaken the immune system. People who undergo certain surgical procedures often experience a weakening of the immunity because your body may be focused on healing the part that just got treated with surgery or some other major medical procedure.

Another reason why you may suffer from low immunity is when an illness that requires the full focus of the immune system to fight it off.
This may leave you vulnerable to other diseases since the immune system could only do so much. 

Low Immunity Prevention Measures:

Preventing the deterioration of your immune system means that you will have to live a healthier lifestyle and change some of your habits and your diet. Since one of the main reasons why a person has a weakened immune system is due to the lack of nutrients that the body needs for repairing itself, reversing that is the key to getting better and to preventing this from happening again.

Here are some tips on low immunity prevention:

Prevent the weakening of your immunity by stopping any of the bad habits that are sure to make your immune system sluggish or weak.

You may think that this is easier said than done but when it comes down to it your life may depend on it.

We all know that alcoholism, drug abuse, poor sleep, lack of hydration, and even smoking lower the body’s ability to heal itself; therefore, these bad habits should be looked at to be reduced or removed.

Lack of exercise and activity also weakens a your resistance to disease. Engaging in regular exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy is important to have a strong immune system.

A healthy diet is also needed to help fight infection and illnesses. Eating right should be a priority if you want to avoid having a weak immune system. You may also need to supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals and herbals because these are no longer available directly from the foods we eat. 

Get enough rest. Not having enough rest is also a way to weaken the body’s disease fighting capabilities since you are not giving it enough time to recuperate.

We work with many clients who are looking for a holistic approach to their low immunity and are frankly sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all of the time.

Electro-acupuncture is intended for people with medical conditions such as low immunity and is a drug free solution that complements conventional medicine by using homeopathy.

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DISCLAIMER: We do not make any medical claims for the EAV/EDS SC-5, nor do we claim medical diagnostic ability for this hardware . The SC-5 functions as an ohmmeter and biofeedback instrument. The operator controls the use of the equipment.