Aura Healing

Aura Healing is the clearing and realignment of the energy field (aura), around the physical body, in order to bring about healing in the physical body. It is a gentle, non-intrusive (no touching is needed), all natural, and extremely effective method of aligning the energetic field of the body. It is now understood that diseases may begin in the aura field before they show in the physical body. The aura Practitioner can pick up these energy imbalances or in the auric field and release them by drawing the energy dross away out of the aura.

The late Mr Colin Lambert, from Waihi, New Zealand, re-discovered many healing techniques used in ancient times. He found that he could sense with his hands, what he called dross (trapped or ‘negative’ energy) within the aura and was able to remove it to the benefit of health.

During the 1960′s he pioneered and developed what he called Auric-Magnetic Healing and went on to promote it worldwide, with great success and excellent results. He was even able to remove cancers and became popular with American film stars during his career.

It is his techniques as well as newly developed ones that we use to cleanse the aura.

By passing trained hands through the Aura of the client, the practitioner is able to locate and clear, blockages, discordant energy, and imbalances within the clients auric field. 

Clients don’t need to tell the healer what’s wrong with them because the healer is guided by their hands and the energy blocks to the areas of the body that require attention.

The clearing of unwanted dross in all our aura layers (representing our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies) causes all bodily electromagnetic energies and particles to become realigned, balanced and move in harmony.

After a session the body experiences a a level of homeostasis, and clients feel, light, a sense of ease, peacefulness and harmony. Practitioners also use Universal Energy "Reiki" through their hands to restore the vital energy of the receivers body, for optimum health.

A healthy aura will feel smooth and free; you can run your hands through it freely, without feeling any “obstacles”. “Obstacles” can be felt as warm hot spots, thickness or heaviness in pressure, and cool or cold spots, under the hands. By focusing and moving the hands over these areas, the healer “picks up” the unwanted energy "dross", and “throws it away“, by shaking it off the hands. This is done repeatedly until the area feels free-flowing, after which the healer can move on. When the whole aura or specific area of the aura (if requested) is cleared, the session is closed off in order to keep the body from reverting back to its previous state.

“Aura Healing doesn’t label what’s wrong with you. It doesn’t need to name.
It just works, unconditionally.”

Aura Healing has been known to aid the healing process as the cells are energetically re-aligned and sown together. Miraculous stories of diseases seemingly “incurable”, being improved and often cured can be read on the internet.   Having worked in this field for over 10 years i have countless reports from clients of their remarkable stories. Unfortunately i am unable to detail them here "see the testimonial page" because of the advertising standards and big pharma's assault on the complementary health industry.  

Practitioners are also trained to balance the chakras. The chakras power and balance the meridian system and so help maintain the flow of energy through the body to maintain health. This has a very similar effect to acupuncture but without the needles. 

For more information on Aura Healing, please visit the magnetic healers website.

Absent Healing

The absent healing we perform is much like the one-on-one Aura healing sessions. The only difference is that we are working on your aura remotely. Whether only a few streets away in Christchurch NZ itself or even at the other side of the world (useful for our international clients or when you are on holidays!), we can influence your aura as easily as if you were in front of us by the quantum mechanical fact that energy/particles can exist in more than one place at once.

We simply ask that your energy bodies be placed in front of us. Sometimes we use an outline of a human body on paper in front of us for reference depending on practitioner preference. Then it is simply a case of using intention and running our hands over the energy body, being drawn to and removing dross and so on.

Because your physical body is not needed in the same room as the practitioner you are not even needed to stay still for the healing. However we recommend that time is set aside for healing so that you can be in the right mindset to aid us aid you heal. Many like to have the healing performed whilst they sleep.

For clients with Skype installed on their computer, we offer you the chance to see us perform the healing in front of you. For those without Skype or are in different time zones, all that is needed is communication before and after the healing at your convenience to discuss wants, what was performed/found and to discuss further treatment for example.

The Hara Line

The hara lline is a power-source that resides beneath the auric field of the human body within the bodies core. The hara line is also known as the core star connection.

About the Hara Line
The hara line is a line that aligns vertically with the physical body. Visible to the minds eye on a vibrational level it is approximately one centimeter wide. It connects to source energy and connects approximately three and a half feet above the crown of the head, at chakra 14, extending downward through the core of the energetic body into the core of the earth. 

It is really important to ensure that you have your hara line investigated to ensure it is in a vertical alignment, balanced and free from any distortions or kinks because this kinks can make it hard to identify, align and fulfill your life's purpose. 

There are three important aspects of the hara line.

Haric Level: The haric level as it is called serves as the basis for the auric fields foundation. This is where your intentions are birthed, held, and housed. This is where the source of your life purpose is located. It is also the source of your creativity.

Location of Three Points of the Hara Line

Above Head: This is the separation point of where your soul incarnated into you this life time as an earth being. The "spark" or beginning of your earth journey. This point encapsulates your life purpose and reason for incarnating. It is often referred to as the connection point with the energetic configuration of the godhead through the 14th chakra.

Upper Chest: This point is specific to your emotional body, the source of your passions, longings, and life purpose. It is referred to as the "soul seat."

Lower Belly: This point is located approximately two inches below the navel. It is your will and power center. This is where you draw your will and power to live from. This is an anchoring point where you tap into powerful energies needed to follow through with your intentions. It is referred to as the "tan tien."

The Hara Dimension
The hara line can be energetically healed and aligned by an energy healer. In clinic we may use consciousness, a pendulum or dowsing rods to realign your hara line.

Straight-Healthy vs. Kinked-Unhealthy Hara Line 
A healthy hara line is perfectly straight, centered within your core and well rooted. A person whose hara line is perfectly aligned will be in sync with integrity, power, and their purpose. A person whose hara line is kinked or misaligned will display negative-intent behaviors such as being argumentative, may procrastinate, be overtly competitive, and may perform their work and daily duties shoddily.

Signs of a Kinked Hara Line
Signs of a kinked hara line can show up as cynicism, a break or complete disconnect from source energy and the spiritual realm.

Soul Seat Dysfunctions: Signs of a dysfunctional soul seat include the physical appearance of a sunken chest, sadness, despair and potentially grief...Specifically grieving the loss of life plans that were never manifested.

Tan Tien Dysfunctions: Physical signs of dysfunctional in the tan tien can be chronic back pain or a tilted pelvis.
Any kinks or misalignments detailed above can be removed in clinic during a 60 min energy re-alignment. Auric healing sessions include the investigation and review of your Hara line. If you are finding it difficult to identify, align with, or take action to fulfill your life purpose, having your Hara line aligned can be the necessary adjustment required for you to live in the flow of your life.

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