Chakra Balancing               Image Showing The 7 Bodily Chakras

The cardiovascular and lymphatic systems serve to supply fresh nutrients and remove waste from the cells of your body.

You similarly have an energy system, commonly called a meridian system that maintains the energy flow to and from all organs and all parts of your body, maintaining their energetic health.

The junctions of these energy channels (called meridians) are called chakras. The chakras are like balls of energy that direct energy in different directions towards and through each meridian.

When the chakras become blocked, energy flow to and from each part is reduced and becomes stagnant, resulting in the degradation of the health of those bodily parts. The reciprocal relationship between the physical, emotional and mental parts of the Self means that it can effect one or all of those aspects.

Rather than use needles like acupuncturists do, we remove the blocks (trapped/heavy/negative energies) via the auric field instead! Emotional baggage and emotional blocks are quite different. These blocks require your conscious engagement to identify and work through the release of these emotional blockages. Contact us on 0800 111 032 and we can direct you to our sister company Chakra Consulting for help and support.  

We may pick up several blockages but often it initiates from just one blocked chakra – the most important and major ones being located along the centre-line of the body.

We run our hands through the aura and over the chakras, and feel for a magnetic resistance indicating to us that there is a blockage of energy.

By using the techniques already listed in the Aura healing section, we work pull out this blockage using our hands and/or intent.

Having a fully balanced set of chakras in a triad configuration means that the energy flows freely to all parts of the body. Maintaining this causes healing in all parts and aspects of ourselves resulting in a feeling of ease and freedom in life, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Having your chakras energetically cleared, charged and realigned in a triad configuration can leave you feeling a sense of ease, lightness, joy and free-er.  

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