Pre and Post Appointment Information

Before your appointment:

Electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV):

  • please come in 10 mins early to have a cup of tea and complete the new client intake form if these weren't completed on line
  • please remember to bring all the vitamins, minerals and any medications that you are taking
  • please don't wear any perfume or aftershave
  • please don't wear any hand or foot lotion
  • please wash your hands and feet. Wet wipes are available for use on your feet if you are coming straight from work.
  • please don't have any caffeine, mint or chocolate at-least 20 mins prior to your appointment because this may affect the results
  • be open-minded – all treatments are far more effective if you are consciously open to the healing, much in the same way that the placebo affect works.

Pranic healing, Auric healing, Reiki, kinesiology/Muscle testing:

  • please come in 10 mins early to have a cup of tea and complete the new client intake form if these weren't completed on line.
  • be open-minded – all treatments are far more effective if you are accepting of it because your mind can literally reverse any healing if you are skeptical!

During your appointment:

Electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV):

  • we review your health intake form and discuss any health challenges
  • we use a painless, non-invasive electric probe at specific acupuncture points on your hands, head and feet
  • the painless screening procedure will investigate for the “energetic signature” of certain viruses, mold, bacteria fungi, miasms  and electromagnetics
  • we investigate and then “attenuate” or energetically single them out
  • we review the results of this initial energetic scan of your organs and meridians 
  • we identify what is energetically blocking the healing that your body wants 
  • we screen the remedies (vitamin, mineral, homeopathic, pharmaceutical or neutraceutical) which you may be already taking
  • we screen the array of practitioner remedies within the EAV machine, to identify the ones that balance out those stress points
  • we identify what remedies bring your body back into its natural homeostasis state
  • we print and review the results
  • we agree your health plan, discuss what products can and cant be ingested while on homeopathic remedies 
  • we arrange a date and time for your next consultation as required

Pranic healing, Auric healing, Reiki, kinesiology/Muscle testing:

  • all of the rooms are carefully cleansed using sound bowls, crystals and energy balancers, also practitioners regularly cleanse themselves so as not to introduce unwanted energies
  • you can talk a little about any questions you may have before treatment
  • unless you need to sit or stand, the majority of healing will be performed lying on your back and if needed more healing will be performed lying on your front.  Much of the healing does not involve touching the physical body as we will be working in the auric field surrounding the body
  • for the techniques where touch is necessary it will be only of a light nature – please inform us if you do not wish this
  • for the majority of the time, you are not required to do anything but simply relax during treatment. We may ask you to help with mental activities to release energy blocks if needed
  • each healing can be quite different as the practitioner works through each layer of the aura and as different techniques are employed – ask if you’re unsure
  • If you wish we can talk about the areas we find stuck/negative energy 
  • depending on many factors you may experience heat, coolness, waves, tingling, pulling or drawing sensations, temporary pain or lessening pain, minor movements of joints, the sensation of feeling balanced, lightness and seeing colours 
  • some people don’t feel anything at all – don't worry the technique still works and it can depend on how good you are at listening to and tuning in with your body
  • you have a glass of water when we have finished because you can feel thirsty 
  • we help you ground yourself and discuss any energy imbalances that were found and removed
  • we arrange a date and time for your next consultation as required

After your appointment:

Electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV):

  • follow the client remedy sheet, taking nothing by mouth 15 to 20 minutes prior to or following dosage 
  • that includes food, drink, cigarettes, chewing gum, toothpaste, etc. Place homeopathic drops in mouth under tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow. You may drink water
  • no caffeine, (coke, mountain dew, coffee, chocolate) in any form. (Drink Decaffeinated coffee or herbal tea or Green tea, Sprite, 7-Up, etc.)
  • no mint (breath mints, toothpaste, mouthwash, ice cream, chewing gum, etc.). You may only
    brush with kitchen baking soda or mint free health food store Toothpaste 
  • no camphor as in muscle and joint rubs. (Tiger Balm etc) Use Arnica cream, Arnica extract or
    Lavender oil
  • no intake of strong odors, such as paint thinners, eucalyptus, cigarettes, and especially menthol
  • no raw garlic..! Cooked is ok
  • alcoholic sensitives: Put drops in a small glass of water and allow one minute for alcohol to evaporate.
  • keep formulas at room temperature, in a dark place and away from microwaves and electrical
    appliances, (microwaves, alarm clocks, radios, televisions, etc.)
  • contact your practitioner on 0800 111 032 if you have any contraindicative signs or symptoms whilst on your homeopathic drops
  • on going EAV session are recommended to help maintain balance and it is advised to come in quarterly or every half-year 

Pranic healing, Auric healing, Reiki, 

  • healing may continue for several days after treatment and so you may continue to experience some of the symptoms
  • straight after treatment you may feel immediate relief, tired and sometimes energised
  • some people experience a moderate ‘healing crisis’ after treatment where you feel an increase in pain and/or feeling unwell. This is due to the accelerated healing process starting to work on areas that have not received attention previous to treatment and it should pass within a few days
  • contact your practitioner if you are unsure of anything 
  • always drink plenty of water after treatment – this flushes toxins released during the healing from the body
  • it is advisable not to engage in other treatments or do strenuous activity for up to 3 days after treatment in case this upsets the effectiveness of the healing
  • on going healing or check-ups in the future can help maintain balance of the aura and it is advised to come in regularly or every half-year or so depending on how well you heal 
  • we can advise you about helping yourself maintain your energies after treatment if you wish 
  • please contact us should you have any after effects that concern you.

Additional things to bear in mind

What is common to all forms of healing is belief. This isn't from a religious context.

If quantum mechanics states that things exist because of consciousness then equally so these healing techniques will not work or be undone, simply by you not believing that they work. 

This is why we say that you must at least be open-minded when you come for healing. Even if you believe that our techniques only work via the ‘placebo effect’ then great, it will still benefit you if you are open to this effect!

Secondly, we cannot remove that, which you yourself are not ready to let go of. 

You must have the intention of freeing yourself of your pain, injury or illness and we may ask this of you during a session. 

For more information on what to expect give one of the team a call on 0800 111 032.

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